Dublin approves of "Hello, Nightmare"!

"Hello, Nightmare" is now on Google Play! :)

"Hello, Nightmare" now available on Amazon!

"Hello, Nightmare" now on iTunes!

"Hello, Nightmare" just released!


My new single "Hello, Nightmare" is now waiting for your gorgeous ears on the songs page and on Soundcloud! Please check it out and tell a friend! It will be up on iTunes soon! Thank you for listening!



Hello, Dublin!!

First Radio Add for "Love, The Only Power"!


A HUGE thank you to Declan Jones at WMVL Radio in Purchase, NY, for adding “Love, The Only Power” to their playlist! WMVL, Manhattanville College’s student run station, was recently named the 15th best college radio station in the country by The Princeton Review! Listen here:





First review for "Love, The Only Power"!


A HUGE thank you to Paddy Clarke for featuring "Love, The Only Power" in his new music column Unknown Pleasures from the UK blog Getintothis!!! You ROCK, Paddy!!

"Jay Taylor‘s one-man band The Loving is more eccentric still, though closer to The Flaming Lips than The Pastels. His debut single Love, the Only Power is pure eccentricity, the likes of which can take a few listens to wrap your head around, but a rewarding track regardless.

Distinctly Coyne-esque high harmonies meet pop melodics buried under a psychedelic cornucopia of injected textures, the resulting swirl an absorbingly obscure and affably freakish effort that shows an ability to hint at still finer things to come."

-Paddy Clarke, Unknown Pleasures, Getintothis.co.uk



"Love, The Only Power" now on Soundcloud!


This site is pretty mind-blowing... Meeting some kindred spirits!



The First Single is released!



Hey Everybody! I'm happy to announce that my first single, "Love, The Only Power", is now available on iTunes!

It's also in the jukebox over at the right, or head to the songs page and listen to it there while perusing the lyric sheet. The lovely actress Linda Gish is singing that high harmony on the intro and choruses. -Thank you, Linda, for adding your gorgeous voice! :)



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