The Loving




Thank you for stopping by! I'm so glad your awareness has traversed the globe, from your spot in the world, floating up, out, over, and down to a tiny guesthouse in the Lake Balboa section of Van Nuys, CA where I live and often breathe.

Me? Oh, not much, just hanging out... Historically, I'm the guy who writes and records songs and never plays them for anybody. I used to be in The Greatest Band That Never Was, as I like to refer to it. Beck, No Doubt, and other great bands opened for us before they each exploded out into the world. It was fun to watch. We imploded. -Not as fun to watch, but liberating, which does have its liberties, liberally speaking. After that, I became a studio hermit, among other things, and the years ticked by, as the years often do. There goes another one.

Fast forward to NOW. Just released my first single on the (coughs!)-year anniversary of moving to LA from Puyallup, WA (-Go Viks!). I hope you dig it. Sincerely, I do. A song can only truly resonate in the hearing of it. I hope this song, and the others I'm about to release, resonate with you. I've got hundreds stacked up, waiting for an ear, so please come back and visit soon as I'll be posting tracks and vids continually. I'll leave a light on. There's vegan meatloaf in the fridge. Sorry, I ate the good stuff.

If you happen to like "Love, The Only Power" please flex yours and tell a friend, or all of them. Fling it out to the world and bask in the glow of having so flung! Flex your flinger! Power to the people! -Love, the only power! :)

Thank you again!

I sure do love your shirt. ;)