Jay Taylor‘s one-man band The Loving is more eccentric still, though closer to The Flaming Lips than The Pastels. His debut single Love, the Only Power is pure eccentricity, the likes of which can take a few listens to wrap your head around, but a rewarding track regardless. Distinctly Coyne-esque high harmonies meet pop melodics buried under a psychedelic cornucopia of injected textures, the resulting swirl an absorbingly obscure and affably freakish effort that shows an ability to hint at still finer things to come. -Paddy Clarke, Unknown Pleasures, Getintothis.co.uk   http://www.getintothis.co.uk/2015/04/unknown-pleasures-29-ft-edgar-van-der-wingard-skelocrats-the-loving/      ”


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